The Industrial Candle | A Revolution

 | The Steadyy Pace Movement |

The Industrial Candle revolution seamlessly blends luxury, power, romance, and nostalgia into every flicker, setting the stage for an atmosphere that transcends the ordinary. We're bringing you an eco-chic candle that redefines luxury. Sharing your space is technically an effort to a more sustainable future.

How does this product make a positive impact on our planet? 

Ingredients: Our candles are a perfect blend of soy and coconut wax, derived from soybeans and coconuts, allows for a pure and clean burning, steering away from harmful toxins.  

Handcrafted Excellence: Along with embracing a healthier and cleaner atmosphere in your own home or workspace, our candles are housed in chic aluminum cans. This artisanal craftmanship choice amplifies our movement to a greener future due to the can’s recyclable and reusable qualities. 

Unparallel Design: Our candles are more than just an illumination; they are a statement. The industrial chic aluminum cans add a touch of modernity to your space, reflecting your commitment to style and sustainability. 

Global Impact: As the first industrial candle company, Steadyy Pace takes on an environmental responsibility. We go beyond the norm to ensure that our candle-making process is kind to the environment. This commitment is more than a promise, it is a way of life. 

By choosing Steadyy Pace, you are not just purchasing a candle; you are contributing to a devotion to a more viable future with some character and attitude. Embrace the warmth of our candles all the while knowing you are making a positive impression on the planet and leading with attitude.

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